Happy Holi🤟🎉🎊

Happy Holi!

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From me

“Live every moment of your life with joy and happiness to make it worth remembering by yourself”

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When the rain comes…

When the rain comes, it brings a chuckle on everyone’s face. When I enjoy it, it feels like it’s the end of my bad days. Everyone seems to be pleased as they forget all their pain. “What is the best thing ever?” I think it’s a shower of rain. All flowers turn into their best […]

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“Never race with others. They will always be ahead of you, since earth is round…”

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Never Give Up

Never give up, even if there is not any way. Never give up, I think, is a true say. You have to follow it, if you want fame. You have to follow it, if you want to win the game. Never give up, is what, an ant says on the land. Never give up, is […]

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